Are you tired of staring at the same old walls while exercising?


I have a treadmill in my bathroom and a TV mounted on the wall in front of it because I find treadmills one of the most boring things in the world. The TV has helped a lot to keep me coming back to the treadmill but with the introduction of decent VR/360 degree video I realized that I could take it one step further and actually travel around the world in a virtual sense as content became available.

This website is meant to be a cure for the exercise blah’s. With the videos on this site and a VR headset you can exercise anywhere in the world! Each day you can “travel” to a new location and take in the sights and sounds while you follow your fitness regime. The original idea for this site was to house videos of bike riding and running from first person view so that you could virtually do the same ride or run from your stationary bike or your treadmill.

I realize now there are many other ways that VR/360 videos and even augmented reality could and will be utilized within the fitness industry. This site is intended to remain a free place for people to post their VR fitness videos and for people to make use of those videos. It is also community based so, while anyone can contribute videos, community members can help to build the site and expand what it does.



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